5 Ways to Increase Your Influence

How would your life or work be different if you had more influence? This question likely forces you to imagine scenarios where colleagues follow your advice, where your boss gives you greater responsibility, or where your direct reports exceed expectations. 

Now that's influence. 

But how can you do that? Don't give up. Its possible and you can do it. 

You likely would never complain about increased compensation (no one would). But my guess is that you would have increased satisfaction at work if you had greater influence (keep in mind that I'm primarily referring relational influence, not positional).

Here are five ways to increase your influence:

1) Identify Your Network
Make a list of all those you might influence (for good or bad) on a typical week. 

2) Serve Your Network
Write one thing you'll do in the next week to positively influence each person. 

3) Delegate to Your Network
What are you doing that someone else can do much better? Give those things away by empowering others. 

4) Build Your Platform
Social media tools today make platform growth much easier. I suggest that anyone who hasn't already should purchase Michael Hyatt's new book "Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World." His proven record of building the top leadership blog on the internet, multiple best-sellers, and over 200K blog subscribers lend him huge credibility for any leader looking to expand his or her influence. 

5) Go Beyond the Call of Duty
Do something in the next 48 hours not required of you at your job or in your home. Doing the bare minimum is poisonous thinking. Over deliver in some area every 48 hours and see how people respond. 

What tips do you have for how to increase your influence? 

*Brad Bridges is an adjunct leadership coach with Leadership Systems, Inc. and Vice-President of The Malphurs Group.